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E2 Publishing

Spring 2020 sampler

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For all publishing enquiries contact: e2@editionrecords.com

E2 Music is the publishing offshoot of Edition Records.


Together with Edition Records, it’s ambition is to develop into a 21st Century global music company intent on supporting a progressive and creative artist roster able to develop, impact and thrive in the digital age.

About E2

Over the last decade, Edition Records has developed a sonic identity perfectly in step with the growing taste for a blend of creative and progressive Jazz, cutting-edge groove, synth-laden textures, cinematic nuance, and emotive classicism.

E2 Music Publishing is part of the next stage in Edition’s evolutionary journey. It exists to provide new commercial opportunities, networks, and revenue streams for an eclectic catalogue of music from a diverse roster of creative composers’ and songwriters.

In turbulent and unpredictable times, Edition continues to evolve and adapt to industry changes and to seek new creative ways to build audiences during the next decade. Underpinning everything is the belief in the power of great new music to overcome all obstacles and the understanding that changes will always occur but it is the reaction to those changes that define the outcomes. Both E2 and Edition Records maintain the conviction and passion to share new music with an open set of values and forward-thinking strategies, to constantly seek new opportunities and to become a dominant player in the global Jazz scene.

As Dave Stapleton explains: “For decades, Jazz has been an art form that has been widely misunderstood as a genre. It’s breadth and eclecticism has been hard to describe or categorise, limiting opportunities to reach wider audiences outside the music. As a result, many musicians have been under-valued and not see the more commercial opportunities that are on offer. In recent years there’s been a huge surge of interest in Jazz, particularly where sonic worlds collide with other genres and styles. E2 Music’s primary purpose is to capitalise on that interest and bridge the gap between creative talent and commercial opportunities. It is the start of a new chapter for Edition, as a music business that is able to effectively service artists and writers to build robust careers with multiple revenue streams and gain more exposure to global audiences”.

In June 2020, E2 signed an exclusive administration with Sentric Music.

“We are thrilled here at Sentric to be partnering with Dave and the team, building on the success of its writers and adding value with our collection network and resources. E2 is an exciting catalogue and we see a massive window of potential to enrich its pool of jazz talent further with creative opportunities which we look forward to diving in to.”  Peter McCamley – Creative Director

Over the course of 2020 and beyond E2 Music Publishing is actively seeking new writers with a strong and eclectic sonic identity that sits within the Jazz, cinematic and electronic music genres.

E2 Writers

Chris Hyson

Chris Hyson is a composer centred around folk-oriented and ambient soundscapes. Melodic, fragile and quirky his six EP's are laden with synths and infectious beats equipped with a beautiful charm.


Olavi Louhivuori

Olavi's eclectic music fuses ambient minimalism, progressive beats with raw emotive themes. It embodies a natural flow and an organic dimension that transcends boundaries and transports listeners into new worlds that extend across barriers from Jazz to Classical, Post-Rock and ambient to cinematic soundscapes.


Daniel Herskedal

Over a series of profoundly beautiful and mesmerising albums, as well as a series of commissions including providing a soundtrack for 'The Last Black Man in San Francisco', Daniel has developed his own signature of layering the cavernous sounds of the tuba with bass trumpet. Evocative, moving and sublimely beautiful, his music resonates and touches deep inside the soul.


Fergus McCreadie

Fergus' music infuses melodic nuances and Scottish folk influences with the freedom of contemporary Jazz. His themes are infectious and ear-catching in form yet uniquely his its phrasing. Following his hotly-tipped debut in 2018 he follows with his anticipated 2nd album 'Carin' in 2021.


Slowly Rolling Camera

Dipping into a diverse world of trip-hop, jazz and drum and bass rhythms, this formidable writing team stretches their influence as far as wide as the Cinematic Orchestra, Portishead, James Blake and Bonobo. Their music is both ethereal and visceral, brimming with real emotion and restless intelligence.


Rob Luft

With strong melodies and absorbing harmonic movement, Rob Luft music is joyful and warm - pure expression from the soul and from the heart. UK Vibe described him as having 'a rare gift; he epitomises what it means to bring joy to life through music'.



Snowpoet's music, masterminded by the writing team of producer Chris Hyson and vocalist and composer Lauren Kinsella, blend infectious and sweet hook-laden vocal lines with delicate and tasteful arrangements. Both delicate and tasteful. The songs seamlessly straddle the boundaries of folk, jazz, and popular music and are all infused with a subtle poetic delivery.


Aki Rissanen

Aki's music takes on a visual identity heavily influenced by minimalism, Western classical impressionism, and Nordic lyricism. Full of rhythmic intensity, pulsating grooves and hypnotic loops held together with an intuitive desire to explore.


Eyolf Dale

Eyolf has an extraordinary ability to blend musical colour, dynamics, melody and rhythm. His solo music is introspective yet full of almost orchestral colour, whilst his large arrangements are arresting and powerfully emotive, shifting pulse and time effortlessly whilst weaving folk-like melodies throughout the ensemble.


Dave Stapleton

Over the last decade, Dave Stapleton's music has seen him move between evocative and emotive arrangements taking inspiration from Jazz and Classical music to more electronic expansive soundscapes blending deep grooves with infectious and catchy melodies. Shifting dynamic and contrast are a hallmark of sound blending synth-laden textures to stripped back emotive piano. Full. of colour, imagination and inventiveness.