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Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma signs to Edition for her new album Freya, due for release in March 2020

As one of the most prolific and respected musicians to emerge from the vibrant Dutch scene, saxophonist and composer Tineke Postma has been touring internationally as a leader since 2003. With a catalogue of six albums her international profile has resulted in the Rising Star on soprano award in the Downbeat Critics Poll 2019 and seen her perform alongside greats such as Herbie Hancock on International Jazz Day (Watch Here).

Tineke is a musician of inventiveness and creativity, not afraid to explore the unknown, and revels in the inspiration of the master, Wayne Shorter, who once told her, before going on stage to perform together, “Let’s start composing”.

Her forthcoming album Freya, due for release in March 2020, marks the beginning of a new era for Tineke. After some years of performing more as a guest soloist than bandleader, and active in her role as a mother, this album represents a fresh start with a new label, refreshed energy and an exciting band with an output collectively inspired by experiences she has gathered throughout her career. Together with trumpeter Ralph Alessi, bassist Matt Brewer, drummer Dan Weiss and featuring pianist Kris Davis, Tineke makes music that is adventurous, empowering and full of risk taking.

Label boss, Dave Stapleton, explains why Tineke is such a perfect fit for Edition: “I’ve been aware of Tineke for many years and was very excited at the idea of working with her on a new album. When I heard the music, it was a no-brainer – the music was real and honest, adventurous and full of spirit with a centre-line that always hooked my attention”.

For Tineke, she considers this album as as come-back release as a leader: “The album Freya is a tribute to creation in all its facets. In Norse and Frisian mythology, Freya is a goddess of creation, love and fertility. She’s the mother of all Frisian children – I was born and raised in Frisia, a beautiful region in the north Netherlands. Throughout this album I want to celebrate my new life as a mother which has been a profound and enriching experience. I like to write multi-layered music with conceptual elements. The musicians I asked to join are free to do with it what they want. They are some of the most creative and skilful musicians around so I knew that it was going to be great whatever they came up with. Lastly, I feel it’s important to inspire female musicians to fearlessly follow their passion for jazz and to pursue a career in jazz music”.