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The international supergroup featuring Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain and Chris Potter, collectively known as the Crosscurrents Trio, are set to release the new album Good Hope on 11th October on British label, Edition Records.

We’re privileged and very excited to announce that the international supergroup of bassist Dave Holland, tabla player Zakir Hussain and saxophonist Chris Potter, under the group name Crosscurrents Trio, will release Good Hope on 11th October via Edition Records.  

Featuring giants of American and Indian music, Good Hope is an album built on a deep mutual respect, a shared love of the music and a dedication to musical and cultural integration. Masterfully crafted around eight compositions, with contributions from each member of the trio, Good Hope’s brilliance, musical vision and execution is world-class. 

Supported by an 18-date tour of Europe, Good Hope is set to inspire and excite audiences with its formidable display of instrumental virtuosity, sophisticated musical language and collective spirit.

Even for these three musicians, who have experienced so much, this is a special collaboration. Dave Holland explains;One of the most rewarding aspects of playing music with a group of improvisers is the spontaneous interaction and dialogue that takes place between the musicians. The traditions of Jazz and Indian music are two of the most highly developed forms of improvisational music and bringing them together creates a rich musical language that expands the creative possibilities of both. This project has been a source of inspiration and growth for all of us in the Crosscurrents Trio. We’re happy to have captured on this recording some of the joy and sense of adventure and risk taking that we feel when we play together.”

Good Hope will be released on Edition Records on 11th Oct 2019.

Tour Dates

  1. Oct – Halle 02, Enjoy Jazz Festival, Heidelerg, DE LINK
  2. Oct – Frankfurt Jazz Festival, DE LINK
  3. Oct – Philharmonie Luxembourg Grand LINK
  4. Oct – Teatro Comunale Di Cormons
  5. Oct – Moods zurich, Switzerland LINK
  6. Oct – MoMkult, Budapest, Hungary LINK
  7. Oct – Zagreb Youth Theater, Zagreb, Croatia 
  8. Oct – Kulturni Centar Panceva Pancevacki, Pancevo, Serbia
  9. Nov – Tampere Music Festival, Tampere, Finland 
  10. Nov – Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne, Switzerland 
  11. Nov – Teatro Massimo, Pescara, Italy 
  12. Nov – Auditorium Parco Della Musicasala, Rome, Italy LINK
  13. Nov – Unipol Auditorium / Bologna Jazz, Bologna, Italy
  14. Nov – BARTS / Barcelona Jazz Festival Spain LINK
  15. Nov – Reunion Island 
  16. Nov – Reunion Island 
  17. Nov – La Seine Musicale Acoustic Room, Boulogne – Billancourt, FR LINK
  18. Nov – Cadogan Hall, London Jazz Festival, UK LINK