Mystery Track Download

- 14 Aug 2020

To give you something to talk about, we’re not telling you the line up. That’s up to you to work out. Right click the ‘Download’… [more]

AuB – Ten Albums

- 12 Aug 2020

Alex: As people always point out while doing these, it’s impossible to choose any definitive favourites, so I’ve gone for three recent albums by pianists… [more]

Chris Hyson signs to E2 Music

- 06 Aug 2020

Those of you who are fans of Snowpoet will know Chris as one half of the evocative and adventurous London-based group. For others, and to… [more]

Tim Garland’s Refocus ‘A Listening Guide’

- 04 Aug 2020

As I write, we are reaching sixty years since Stan Getz’s unique collaboration with composer Eddie Sauter produced the album ‘Focus’. During those six decades… [more]

Tineke Postma ‘Visions of Johannesburg’

- 03 Aug 2020

“Visiting Johannesburg made me a richer person and more aware of the heavy history and its effects on today’s life. It was confronting and as… [more]

Ant Law – Five Albums

- 18 Jul 2020

Ben Monder ‘Hydra’ I discovered Ben’s music around 12 years ago. By the time Hydra was released I had been eagerly awaiting it – I… [more]

Ben Wendel announces his new album High Heart

- 10 Jul 2020

Ben Wendel Saxophone, Bassoon, EFX Shai Maestro Piano and Fender Rhodes Gerald Clayton Piano and Fender Rhodes Michael Mayo Voice & EFX Joe Sanders Double… [more]

Tim Garland ‘An Englishman in New York’

- 06 Jul 2020

“I resonated with the power and fierce energy… This was ‘do or die’ music, give your all or don’t turn up. I had turned up,… [more]

Edition Records’ publishing arm, E2 Music Publishing, signs exclusive deal with Sentric Music Group.

- 06 Jul 2020

Founded in 2018, E2 Music is the publishing offshoot of Edition Records, a Jazz record label that, over the last 12 years, has been a… [more]

Lionel Loueke Signs to Edition

- 19 Jun 2020

The remarkable, distinctive and singularly unique guitarist and composer Lionel Loueke releases his new album for Edition Records, titled HH, performing music of his long-term… [more]

Fergus McCreadie

The Scottish pianist and composer Fergus McCreadie signs to Edition

- 29 Apr 2020

Fergus McCreadie burst onto the national scene with his self-released debut album Turas in 2018. Rooted in a Scottish folk tradition and expressing advanced rhythmical… [more]