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‘I started working with Dave (Edition) back in 2009 on releases from Mark Lockheart and Ivo Neame and I remember that I was impressed with his  excitement and passion for presenting this music (jazz) to a bigger audience. He seemed to have a wider understanding of the important part that good photos and visuals play (I.e making something look good and inviting) alongside the music as well as the way in which jazz was described with words. In short Edition seemed to be on a mission to make visuals and words reflect the real excitement of the music which I continue to appreciate to this day.

As a band leader and composer he’s always had complete confidence and left all the most important artistic choices to me but also been up for offering well considered advice if it was ever needed.

Dave and Edition continues to make it their business to be at the forefront of using new social media platforms to share the music with new fans and at the same time help its musicians adapt to this ever changing music climate so we can all continue to grow what we love doing.

Here’s a toast to another 10 years!’



Edition was created in 2008 by pianist/composer Dave Stapleton and photographer Tim Dickeson. Initially a partnership cottage industry business based in Cardiff, Wales, the label is driven by an uncompromising love of music and with a sharply focused aim: to produce the highest quality music by the most creative musicians it can find, presented in a form which reflects that creativity and quality. With those principles resolutely held at its core it has now grown from a British label with a European sensibility to one that has a Global presence. That is a three-tiered identity that it wears with pride.

Stapleton and fellow pianist Matthew Bourne’s duo recording Dismantling The Waterfall became Edition’s first release with the catalogue number EDN1001.

Having a musician at the helm was key to the development of Edition, and Stapleton’s connections and collaborations with other musicians have expanded the label’s roster in a natural and thoroughly coherent way, transcending borders and generations as Edition’s waves of support flow outwards.

The Stapleton/Bourne recording led on to Bourne’s trio with drummer Steven Davis and bassist Dave Kane (Lost Something, EDN1003), which led on to Dave Kane’s Rabbit Project (The Eye Of The Duck, EDN1012) and paved the way for Troyka’s first eponymous album (EDN1014).

Saxophonist Mark Lockheart introduced bassist Jasper Høiby to Stapleton and to the label (In Deep, EDN1013) which led to Edition taking on Phronesis, a band which broadened the label’s Scandinavian reach and whose series of acclaimed recordings (Alive, EDN1021; Walking Dark, EDN1031; Life To Everything, EDN1050; Parallax, EDN1070) pulse regularly at the heart of the label’s catalogue.

Høiby introduced pianist Ivo Neame (Caught In The Light Of Day, EDN1016; Yatra, EDN1035), and saxophonist Marius Neset (Golden Xplosion, EDN1027; Birds, EDN1040). In his turn, Neset brought tuba player Daniel Herskedal into the stable, their duo album (Neck Of The Woods, EDN1034) leading on to Herskedal’s own recording as leader (Slow Eastbound Train, EDN1057).

Stapleton’s 2013 album Flight (EDN1032) was a pivotal release in Edition’s history, bringing into the leader’s new band not only the Norwegian Neset but also Finnish drummer Olavi Louhivuori, along with the Brodowski String Quartet. It ignored any imposed boundaries of both geography and genre.

Louhivuori’s band Oddarrang has released two albums on Edition (In Cinema, EDN1046 and Agartha, EDN1079) as well as one single, and the drummer also appears on pianist Alexi Tomarila’s trio recording (Seven Hills, EDN1041). The connection with Finnish musicians is further strengthened by the arrival in the Edition stable of trumpeter Verneri Pohjola (Bullhorn, EDN1056) and pianist Aki Rissanen (Amorandom, EDN1067).

British musicians, both established and just starting out, have joined the roster. Phronesis’ successes drew the attention of saxophonist Tim Garland (Songs To The North Sky, EDN10561; One, EDN1072; Return To The Fire, EDNLP1063) and, in turn, pianist Jason Rebello’s appearance in Garland’s bands encouraged him to release his solo piano work with Edition (Held, EDN1071). Trumpeter Gerard Presencer’s playing and composing with the Danish Radio Big Band (Groove Travels, EDN1065) marks a further valuable addition to the label’s catalogue.

Trumpeter Laura Jurd’s Dinosaur (Together As One, EDN1078), which includes pianist Elliott Galvin (Punch, EDN1076), represents British jazz’s rising stars, and joins bassist Misha Mullov-Abbado (New Ansonia, EDN1062), pianist Andrew McCormack (Live In London, EDN1037; First Light, EDN1052; Places And Other Spaces – with saxophonist Jason Yarde, EDN1028)) and trumpeter Reuben Fowler (Between Shadows, EDN1042).

Edition’s wide range of creative music has been enhanced by both classical releases – violinist Thomas Gould playing Beethoven and Vaughan Williams (Live In Riga, EDN1058) and pianist Tom Poster’s recital of Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin and Janácek (Light And Shadows, EDN1060) – and by deep soul from Slowly Rolling Camera, a band which highlights the songwriting of Dionne Bennett and Stapleton (Slowly Rolling Camera, EDN1048; Into The Shadow, EDN1055; All Things, EDN1080)

By 2014 the label had grown substantially and moved to Berkshire in England. Dickeson took a step back from day-to-day management and Stapleton moved from artistic director to CEO, but this is still very much a hands-on, artist-focused label. Its releases are available on CD and as downloads, and in 2015 it launched Edition Vinyl, an exclusive club for lovers of LPs.

Edition also manages a select number of musicians: Laura Jurd, Dinosaur, Slowly Rolling Camera and Daniel Herskedal.

The high quality of the music and recording is extended to Edition’s cover art which features the photography of both Dickeson and Stapleton, among others.

It is this integrity in sound and look, sharing the common values of beauty, quality, precision and open-mindedness, which creates a strong, consistent and lasting brand in an ever-changing, ephemeral, increasingly cheapened cultural landscape.

Awards and plaudits garnered by Edition artists include: Album of the Year from Jazzwise and MOJO magazines for Phronesis’ Alive; Parliamentary Jazz Award for Instrumentalist of the Year for Laura Jurd; BBC New Generation Artist status for Laura Jurd; Five stars from the Telegraph for Thomas Gould’s Live In Riga; Five stars from Concerto magazine for Daniel Herskedal’s Slow Eastbound Train; Five stars from the Guardian for Marius Neset’s Golden Xplosion; Album of the Year from York Press for Verneri Pohjola’s Bullhorn; Five stars from the Guardian for Tim Garland’s Songs To The North Sky.

In 2016 the label signed Danish pianist Morten Schantz, British pianist Ivana Gavric and Anglo-Scandinavian band Enemy. Edition’s achievements in 2016 have included Jazzwise Best Album for Tim Garland’s One, with two more in the Jazzwise top ten, Dinosaur’s Together, As One at No.3 and Phronesis’ Parallax at No.10; a five-star review from John Fordham in The Guardian for Dinosaur’s Together, As One. Phronesis’ Parallax was reviewed favourably in the influential U.S. magazine Downbeat: “Imagine if Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke convened a modern edition of Return to Forever that opted for acoustic instrumentation instead of electric, while retaining the high-velocity improvisational jousting and flair.”  

Edition’s plans for 2017 include new albums from Morten Schantz, Daniel Herskedal, Verneri Pohjola and Phronesis with Frankfurt Radio Big Band.

Edition’s holistic approach to promotion and marketing combined with a drive and commitment to sharing their music amplifies its artists’ presence globally while retaining a local and personal feel.

With its growing roster of diverse and exciting artists in Jazz, Classical and Electronic music, Edition Records has established an excellent reputation and strong networks across the globe. Known for embracing collaboration with their artists, Edition aims to provide the vital link and trust with their fans to expose their music far and wide, one fan at a time.