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Pablo Held  piano
Robert Landfermann double ba ss
Jonas Burgwinkel  drums

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“All three musicians are continually searching, finding different routes, drawing different but yet sympathetic conclusions. With 9 previous albums to their name, it is little wonder they are in such demand. It needs no distractions – each time you listen is a journey of discovery that may or may not take you to a new world” Bebop Spoken Here

Out 13th April 2018 available on LP, CD, Download and Streaming

Q and A:

Where do you live?
PH – I live in Cologne, Germany together with my wife Sonja and our daughter Elsa and our son Frido

How many albums have you made?
PH – I’ve done ten records as a leader and I’ve appeared on over 25 records as a sideman

How long have you played together as a trio?
PH – We’ve been playing together for twelve years.

Your best ever gig?
PH – Of course there a couple that stand out, but I’ve learned something on all of them. I’d say my first gig with John Scofield was pretty special, also the gig I played right after I witnessed the birth of my first child Elsa! I had to rush to the train a couple of hours after she was born and go to Hamburg to play at the Laeiszhalle with my trio – pretty intense!

Your favourite pianist?
PH – There so many! But Herbie Hancock is my all time hero!

Your Favourite album?
PH – OK, I’ll bend the rules a little bit on this one:
Miles Davis – Filles De Killimanjaro
Federico Mompou – Complete Piano Works
Joni Mitchell – Song to a Seagull

Describe your music in 3 words?
PH – adventurous, honest, conversational

More about his new album Investigations //

Investigations is the new album from 31 year old German pianist Pablo Held and his long standing trio featuring bassist, Robert Landfermann and drummer, Jonas Burgwinkel. With a new home on the British imprint Edition Records, the release of Investigations marks a change in the trajectory of the trio’s journey that has garnered the attention and acclaim of audiences and critics throughout Europe and beyond. Crafted with alluring elegance, lyricism and sophistication, Investigations is an album that perfectly blends tradition with modernity, familiarity with exploration and poised nuance with passion and energy.

Pablo Held is an artist of talent, maturity and sensibility, aware of tradition yet continually looking forward in search of something new. The Pablo Held Trio is exceptional in both its conception and execution of blurring the boundaries of composition and improvisation, their abstract, empathic musical conversations coalescing into stories that take tender, serene, and fiery turns. All three of them are master musicians, adventurous spirits and investigators of new music discovery. After 12 years of touring, 9 highly acclaimed records and remarkable collaborations with jazz greats like John Scofield or Chris Potter, Investigations is the next step in the trio’s development.

Investigations wants to be released in April 2018.

Investigations heißt das neue Album von Pablo Held und seinem langjährigen Trio mit Robert Landfermann am Bass und Jonas Burgwinkel am Schlagzeug. Mit dieser Veröffentlichung auf dem britischen Label Edition Records findet das Trio ein neues musikalisches Zuhause und beginnt ein neues Kapitel seiner bemerkenswerten Erfolgsgeschichte.

Voller verführerischer Eleganz und lyrischer Raffinesse, verbindet Investigations Tradition mit Moderne, Vertrautes mit Unbekanntem und Subtilität mit leidenschaftlicher Energie.

Pablo Held ist ein reifer, feinfühliger Künstler; einerseits vertraut mit der Tradition und doch der Avantgarde zugehörig, da es in seiner Natur liegt, immer auf der Suche nach Neuem zu sein.

Sowohl in seiner Konzeption, als auch ihrer Ausführung außergewöhnlich, lässt das Pablo Held Trio die Grenzen zwischen Komposition und Improvisation verschwimmen. Ihre abstrakten, und gar empathischen musikalischen Gespräche, verweben sich zu Geschichten, die immer neue und unvorhersehbare Wendungen nehmen. Alle Drei sind Meister ihres Fachs, risikofreudige Ermittler neuer musikalischer Entdeckungen. Nach 12 Jahren auf Tour, 9 hochgelobten Platten und bemerkenswerten Kollaborationen mit Jazz-Größen wie John Scofield oder Chris Potter ist Investigations der nächste Schritt in der Entwicklung des Trios.

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