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AUB is the London based quartet, masterminded by two young saxophonists, Tom Barford and Alex Hitchcock, musicians who are making huge waves as part of the next generation of virtuosic instrumentalists intent on doing things their way.

AuB (pronounced ORB) refers to the meeting and unity of two musical minds and instrumental sounds melded into one group sound. Twin tenors tradition has had a long history but with AuB, it’s the collaborative writing process and blending of sounds that drives their group sound. Together with bassist Fergus Ireland and drummer James Maddren, AuB melds contemporary Jazz sounds, an adventurous and risk-taking spirit with a degree of unpredictability, nuance and intense improvisation.

photo by Dave Stapleton

For Tom Barford, the focus on AuB follows the release of his highly successful solo release, Bloomer, in 2018. As he explains: “I’m really excited to be developing my relationship with Edition Records with the release of AuB’s debut album. I’ve always admired Alex’s playing and writing so to join forces for this next venture is a real treat. And of course, it’s always incredibly inspiring to play with Ferg Ireland and James Maddren.”

For Alex Hitchcock, this project brings new possibilities; “I have so much fun playing in this band, continually being inspired and surprised by Tom, James, and Ferg. I’m looking forward to deepening my musical relationship with Tom under the guidance of Edition Records, and to exploring the new sounds and textures we can find through adventurous collaborative writing.”

AuB’s debut album will be released in early 2020. Pre-order now!


Tom Barford – tenor sax
Alex Hitchcock – tenor sax
Fergus Ireland – Bass
James Maddren – drums

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