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Anton Eger will release his debut album on 8th February 2019

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This is you first band under your own name, has this been in planning a long time?

AE –

It has actually. At least if you consider 2 years being long. It´s a classic “I had a big change in my life”- thing that brought me to a place in life where I suddenly got a strong urge to say something as the person Anton Eger. I´ve been a band member and driving force in many bands throughout the years so that´s probably the reason why it has taken me to my 37th year in life to develop this need that I now have.

Who’s in the band and why have you chosen them?

AE –

Dan Nicholls ​(Squarepusher, Goldie, Arve Henriksen, Strobes) ​keyboards
Matt Calvert​ ​(Three Trapped Tigers, Heritage Orchestra, MD for Goldie´s live band) guitar and keyboards​ ​
Robin Mullarkey​ ​(Jacob Collier, Eska, Zero 7) electric​ ​bass​

I´ve stumbled upon Robin and Dan in different musical settings and played with a hand full of times before. Matt and I haven´t played together before so it will be the first time ever this constellation will gather and play music together. What these guys have in common is a very strong musicality and craftsmanship on their instruments. They´re brilliant each one of them.
I know that we have quite a few common musical references and similar understanding on several levels in music. Before even asking them, I had these gentlemen in mind for a long time while composing the music for this album and boy am I happy that they were up for it.

Also to mention is that my old friend, band colleague and bass player Petter Eldh is producing the album and has been the crucial two set of extra ears on this music while developing the demos for this album.

What have been the inspirations behind the music?

AE –

The honest answer is life experience and the ups and downs we bump into along the way. I´ve been listening to more music than I´ve ever done for the last couple of years even if it´s been very busy. I´ve scribbled down notes and memos to capture those different moments mentioned above, where an idea attacks your brain – in a good way that is. This process has slowly built up to this stage where I´m now ready to bring the music to life and present it to the people.

What can we expect to hear?
AE –

An eclectic genre-defying mix of electronica, hardcore contemporary beats and retro musical guilty pleasures.

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