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As he prepares to release his new album ‘Another North’, Finnish pianist Aki Rissanen will tour Japan playing trio and solo concerts:

October 2017 Japanese Tour

Su 8.10. Aki Rissanen Trio, Yokohama Jazz Promenade Festival
Su 8.10. Aki Rissanen Trio, Pit Inn, Tokyo
Ma 9.10. Aki Rissanen Trio, Nardis, Kashiwa
Ma 9.10. Aki Rissanen Trio, Airegin, Yokohama
Ti 10.10. Aki Rissanen Trio, Candy, Chiba

Su 8.10. Aki Rissanen Solo, Airegin, Yokohama
Ke 11.10. Aki Rissanen Solo, Jazz Flash, Niigata
To 12.10. Aki Rissanen Solo, Seamen’s Club, Yokohama
Pe 13.10. Aki Rissanen Solo, KyotoRAG, Kyoto
La 14.10. Aki Rissanen Solo, Salon D’Avene, Osaka
La 14.10. Aki Rissanen Solo, Great Blue, Kobe
Su 15.10. Aki Rissanen Solo, NAM Hall, Finland 100 Charity Concert, Kyoto

Aki Rissanen delivers an all-encompassing, powerful new album with Another North, an album that explores new heights of rhythmic intensity, pulsating grooves and hypnotic loops. Aki Rissanen has reset his compass. This is their Another North.