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We’re very happy to announce the release of A Meeting of Spirits from Gary Husband, an innovative re-interpretation of the music of legendary guitarist, bandleader and composer John McLaughlin that in many ways demonstrates the totality of Husband’s multifaceted talent.

Gary Husband piano, in-piano percussion, voice and bell


Gary Husband has been at the forefront of the international jazz scene for many years. He is that rare breed: a musician equally fluent in expression, and internationally lauded, on two instruments, in this case, drums and keyboard. Even more singular is his ability to bring together the fruits of a career that have included classical training, improvisational versatility and long experience on the pop, rock, funk and blues circuits into a distinctive and influential musical personality.

Album Launch // 20th October – Kings Place, London 

“These are tour-de-force piano performances, with effortless technical piano artistry.” MICHAEL GIBBS (arranger, Mahavishnu Orchestra “Apocalypse”)

“Supreme inventiveness, absolute creativity and unique and deeply moving piano music!!  Truly inspiring!!” CHICK COREA